According to Rick Warren

When I start like that you know its gotta be good. I mean its rick warren.

In a recent sermon entitled “Connecting to God: The prayer of Surrender” Rick Warran made the ohh so marvelous revelation that the 2nd and 3rd petitions are redundant. That’s right “Your kingdom come” is saying the samething as “Your will be done” because apparently God’s kingdom comes when we do His will. Now before you get too worried about the fact that you haven’t done His will in your life so how can you be part of his kingdom,  Rick Warren goes on to tell us what it means to pray “Your Will be done.” This is apparently really a prayer of surrender, in which we learn to let go and quit worrying about all the things that are beyond our ability to control. When we pray “Your will be done” we are praying that God would teach us to let go and quit trying to control our ccircumstances. You know that annoying relative that is always getting under your skin, that traffic jam on your way to work, the way God made your appearance, when these things are really getting to us we need to pray “Your Will be Done” then we will learn to be content and then God’s Kingdom will come.

Somebody needs to take away this man’s Bible and give him a catechism, since apparently he isn’t capable of reading the Bible with anything that comes near approaching discernment. I’d try for it myself but I’m a little bit on the far side at the moment. David? You up for it.

On the positive side, after a great deal of debate the Episcopal Church did manage to throw out a female priest who recently decided she was a muslim but didn’t see why that should disqualifiy her for leadership in the EPISCIOPAL CHURCH!!!