Bangalore Vacation or Why Massages Are Bad

Wednesday through Friday I had meetings in Ambur which is half way from Chennai to Bangalore. This coming Monday and Tuesday I will have meetings in Bangalore. Rather than return to Chennai for two days in between, Vanessa and I decided to go straight from Ambur to Banglore, pay for a little nicer hotel, and make a vacation weekend of it.

When I say vacation, I mean that I am typing up reports to the Mission board in our hotel room while Vanessa goes down to the Spa for a massage. To be fair I have no desire to get a massage. Strange people touching your back while you lie there for 30 minutes with nothing to do. On top of that I would feel like I should be talking to someone, and there is nothing less relaxing then talking to strangers. A beer and a TV, now that is the right way to relax and way less expensive. This is wisdom.

Later today we are probably going to go look at some castle and then walk through Cubbon Park, I’ll try to remember to post some pictures.