Camp Menu

DSC02764 “Come and play with me!”

We are on the way the Lily, well at least we are making preparations for the Great South Dakota Ude Camp-out. Other than getting in shape for all the proposed hikes, menu planning is first on the prep list. For those of you have expressed uncertainty about what to plan I am sharing the menus I have put together for the trip. Use them as guide, don’t use them at all.

Breakfasts– Granola and muffin variety, (all to be made ahead) yogurt, juice, coffee…
Noon– Sandwiches, carrots, apples, granola bars/cookies. The sandwiches will be made of bagels, pretzel buns, ciabatta buns. These are heavier and better travelers than sliced bread. Summer sausage, peanut butter, jelly, choice of fillings.
Supper-chicken wraps, hot dog roast, hot beef, chili, leftovers for the last night.

This menu is of course subject to change without notice. I like to keep it simple. This year it is important to keep it slimmed down to fit, Fit. Animal crackers and a variety bag of candy is on my bring list. Hope this helps or inspires in some way. Happy planning.