Ooh what a night . . .

And not the late September type, either. The day started routinely enough. At least routinely enough for a group of American’s in a fairly good hotel in the midst of a relatively normal sized (1,000,000 pop) city in India. We […]

On the 4th

HAPPY 4TH The above grill I bought thinking I would be able to grill chicken with Dave and Holly for the 4th, unfortunately when i got it home I found the box was missing the screws necessary to put it […]

Children and Worship

Here is a really good discussion on children in worship, it includes a discusion on how to teach your children a proper attitude towards worship as well as many other things it would be good for parents to think about. […]

Once Again

Okay I told Laura but for the sake of the rest of you I will just mention that once again I melted my coffee pot. Even though buying one with a whistle ended up makeing it last quit a bit […]