Weather Report

Wednesday August 1 Cloudy, windy, rain off and on, white caps on the waves and a host of dead crabs left on the beach, movies, books, walks on the sandbars between rain showers, locking the back door against the wind, […]

Fun in the Sun

  Basin Head Beach Tuesday July 31  More than one title for today’s adventures occur to me. Cowabunga… Geronomo…Watch Me…AHHHHHHH… would all be appropriate. I will explain. The beach has an inlet with the water from it draining through a […]


  Monday July 30th, (part the second) We have stepped today from chronological time to that suspended place that is vacation time. Suspended, unconnected to life that has preceded or will succeed; vacation time is a short story, beginning and […]

Snail Trails

Sunday July 29th As I typed the title for Saturday’s post,I accidentally reversed the two vowels in the word trails. I suppose trials would also be an apt title from the viewpoint of the tide stranded snails we discovered. A […]