Okay so I am really excited about this because it turned out way better then i really expected, but i finally textured and colored my Ferrari model and put it into a setting… well sorta. I have a little more detail work to finish up and eventually it will end up in the garage of the house that i’m building but that is in the future as i have time to work.

Right now my next couple projects are pretty laid out for me, i need to color and texture my motorcycle, and dog in the next couple weeks. I also have about 4 sets of coroprat identies to create (aka company name, logo, letterhead, and that kinda stuff) as well as two websites and direct mailing package (aka junk mail) all of which is due by the end of the smester so i should have plenty to keep me busy for a while but it should be fun.

anyways here are the picutre i promised above