Four to Six Weeks

Two weeks nearly done.  I can say this because this week is a short one.  We are done with teaching at noon on Thursday.  I should make it, although after the first couple of days I wasn’t so sure.  Teaching twenty-two first and second graders has it moments.  Some moments make you smile, some are touching and many moments make me thing of the commercial where the men are herding cats!  First and second graders have short attention spans, loud whispers, and very small bladders.  They also have an incredible sense of thirst, their pencils are never sharp even when they all stood in line for 10 minutes 10 minutes ago to sharpen pencils.  They think when the teacher says “Sit down and raise your hand if you need help.” it applies to everyone except them.  That is the  five or six of them that are crowded around you asking for help.  The good news is no parent has yet reported a missing child and I can still talk, coherently, I think.  In other words we are having fun and I am glad for the chance to substitute for Mrs. Sydow.    Wish I had a list of clever sayings to share but none that I can think of at the moment.  All I can think about is making my lunch and going to bed!