From My iPod – take 2

Okay so a while back I tired witting from my iPod on this blog and it really didn’t work out the way planned but since then, after consultation with Matt, and long delay I’m trying it out a second time.

I’m rather impressed that this app actually swaps keyboard layouts the way it’s supposed to 🙂

Not that I really have anything all that interesting but here it is for anyone vaguely interested or bored.

School at the moment is both awesome and stupid stupid because I waste an incredible amount of time on my German homework which is mostly pointless and annoying however my actual design classes are sweet been doing a lot of flash and web work

And my modeling stuff is going well as I’m currently rendering a short animation of a dragon fly buzzing about it’s pretty cool

But if you want to see my work just go look at I try to keep it up to date

Speaking of black fox graphics I be been doing a bunch of freelance web design for some people one for a lady who owns a local doggy day care the other site I’m working on is for sun rooms specialists a company that builds sun rooms for rich people with too much money

Well that’s my life and writting this on my iPod has only been half as bad as I would have thought