From Over Here

Hey everyone just in case you forgot I thought I would let you know I’m over here in Nepal. Today and tomorrow we have classes in Kathmandu, then its off into the mountains to disappear and wander on long hiking trips.

We found a hotel that was a little cheaper than the one we stayed at last year. This one costs $8 a night. It will be tight fitting it into the budget but we should be able to do it. The rooms are not heated nor is the water. However the man at the counter told us he would boil some water tomorrow and send it up. This mornign the water seriously felt as if it had just been melted from snow. They do however make some pretty good omelets and will serve hard drinks anytime ot the day.

Here is the really unbelievable. I was up at 4 this morning. Guess I wasn’t quite adjusted yet to the new time change, which is only 15 minutes of being exactly opposite Wisconsin.

Alright we are going to eat at a restaurant where all the waiters are deaf and dumb.