Fun in the Sun


Basin Head Beach
Tuesday July 31

 More than one title for today’s adventures occur to me. Cowabunga… Geronomo…Watch Me…AHHHHHHH… would all be appropriate. I will explain. The beach has an inlet with the water from it draining through a channel, or wharfs about twenty feet high. A bridge spans the channel. The waters of the channel draining to the ocean create a riptide. Signs in English and French are clearly posted.

“Jumping or diving is prohibited from bridge or sides of wharf.”

“Dangerous currents

Swimming in this location is not advised.”

They might as well have a third sign that says, “NOT”

The sides of the wharf and the bridge are lined with swimmers all waiting to take their turn jumping. More people were there to jump than were on the beach. One girl perched backwards on the bridge railing and did a back flip dive. Some just plugged their noses and jumped. Mandy, Jason, Joey, Emma, Leah and Ethan took their turns, repeatedly. I just watched. The life guards did also. Though the rip current is strong sand bars wait in the ocean to stop any swimmer who might not be able to swim to the ladders that climb the sides of the wharf. It is apparently, despite the warnings, perfectly safe and everyone comes to the beach to do it. Except me of course. I have been off a high dive once. Once was good enough.

The sand of the beach is called ‘singing sand’ because it squeaks when you walk over it. The sound is similar to that of hard packed snow in the cold. The waters are warm in July and August and they were. Jellyfish are in abundance and they were, dead and alive. Mandy got stung. She lived to tell about it.

Someone sculpted a lobster in the sand. Mandy took a picture of the kids with it and it, like all the pictures, will get posted when we get home.

A few kites were flying above the beach and two young men were tossing an American football to each other, trying to would be a better term. One seemed to know what he was doing, the other did not. They moved from the football to a Frisbee. Other than Jason playing Frisbee with the boys, no one else used the beach for such a purpose.

Our day at the beach started out a with a surprise. The beach was about an hour and a half from the beach house. Half an hour on the way we stopped at a coffee house and discovered we had no wallets with us. Mandy and Jason had both forgotten theirs and I had left mine home on purpose. I had enough cash to cover the cost of the coffee, but we returned home, got the wallets and retraced our route.

We stopped at a dairy bar called BaBoom for lunch. Island raised beef and potatoes, mmmmmm and next door to Anne of Green Gables Chocolates,mmmmmmmm. We saw lighthouse number four and stopped at the Blue Fin restaurant for supper and got home to enjoy a nearly full moon over the waters of straits.

When interviewed here is what each vacationer said was their favorite from the day.

Emma- Jumping off the bridge-wharf

Leah- playing in the singing sand

Ethan- two back flips off his dad’s hands, landed and stuck in the ocean

Joey- jumping off the bridge and collecting jellyfish

Mandy- the most aggravating thing was forgetting the wallets and getting stung by the jellyfish

Jason- Playing Frisbee and holding Mandy’s hand and talking by the moonlit ocean when we got back.

Oma/Deborah- Watching the multitudes doing exactly what the sign said NOT to do.