Sleepwalk With Me: And other Painfully True Stories

by Mike Birbiglia “If you’ve ever heard Mike Birbiglia’s laugh-till-you-cry story telling on public radio’s This American Life or elsewhere, then you already know he is among the most charmingly hapless comedians at work today…He is so utterly likeable that after […]

The Six Wives of Henry VIII

by Alison Weir “Weir..packs the pages with the most painstaking research, she never exaggerates the drama, and yet she keeps the pages turning like fiction.”

His Excellency: George Washington

by Joseph J. Ellis “…George Washington was a fascinating and complex man. A genuine revolutionary, brilliant tactician, and deeply loyal family man. Washington was also a slave holder from whom many of his slaves strove to escape. The is biography […]

The Coldest March:

Scott’s Fatal Antarctic Expedition, by Susan Solomon “History hasn’t been kind to Scott, who has often been regarded as heroic …also unrealistic and verging on incompetent. …Susan Solomon uses firsthand knowledge… and research, to show the degree to which Scott’s […]

The New Kings of Nonfiction

Edited by Ira Glass “Those who love Ira Glass’s public radio program This American Life know he can pick a great story….This collection of short essays features masters on nonfiction story telling, some of them well known and some of them not-but […]

Me Talk Pretty One Day

Author- David Sedaris “…you have the singular pleasure of reading Sedaris’s translation into English of his own mangled French. The effect is tear-inducingly funny, while also underlaced with sweetness, longing, and just the right amount of edge. And that’s Sedaris […]