Getting in on the New Fad

Alright I have an assignment for everyone who wants an assignment.

Apparently the new fad question in Evangelical Christianity is (drum roll please) “Are you Biblically Educated Beyond Your Obedience?” Now I expect that you all should have caught on to the terrible false doctrine inherent in this sentence immediately but just in case you are only half reading, I’ll rephrase the question for you : “Do you know more about what God wants you to do than you actually do in your life?” And the answer is of course yes. But apparently not so obvious to the evangelicals that are preaching and asking this question, there point is that it should not be “yes” that if the answer is “yes” there is something wrong with you as a Christian. They in fact use this question to prove that you should STOP going to bible class and spend more time at home working on actually doing what you already know. And not go to Bible class again until you have caught up in your actions in your life to what you know God’s will is for you. At this point I hope you are all sitting there staring at the screen saying “You’re kidding” you know just the way Dad says it. But no I’m not making it up, I couldn’t make this stuff up. I heard with my own ears pastors asking this question and then saying “you see we need fewer Bible class, less Bible study and more action.”

Now having said that and knowing that you all went through Dad’s confirmation class, I’m certain that the you will realize right away that completing the assignment I am about to give you is impossible, but I also know we are all Udes and that means you are going to try your best to prove me wrong when I say you will not be able to do this. So please don’t disappointment me, please prove me wrong. So here it is the assignment:

I want you to find at least one piece of Biblical knowledge that you could teach with the result that someone could honestly answer “no” to this question. In other words I want you to give me a situation in which someone can know at least one thing about the Bible and yet not know more than they can honestly put into practice in their life.

I know the way I explain things isn’t always the clearest, so I’ll try one more time, in case anyone hasn’t caught on yet. If you understand already just skip ahead to the next paragraph. If you teach a child not to pee in his pants and he learns to use the toilet and is therefore potty trained. Now the child goes to school and the teacher teaches “you should not wet your pants.” That Child is NOT educated beyond his obedience, to the level of his education, namely what he knows is right and wrong, to the same level he is obedient. Now the question is is there ever a situation in which this is true about the Bible, can you ever know something about the Bible and say this is what was taught me and having been taught it I do it?

Now I have two bonuses questions, and I am serious when I say I want you to answer the previous one as well as these two. Please write comments below and prove me wrong or answer the following bonuses questions. In fact I will even promise prizes to anyone other than Aaron and Dad who answer these questions:

Bonus Question One: Which use of the law is being completely ignored by these evangelicals and is completely dependent on us being educated beyond our experience in order for the law to function in this manner?

Bonus Question Two: Give me a passage that proves that there is no possibility of legitimately answering my first question and/or a Bible passages that proves that a Christian ought to even must be educated beyond their obedience level.