Glen View

We arrived at Glen View around noon on Wednesday. Vanessa was too tired to do much except sleep. It was nice just to take it easy that first day but we made plans with the hotel manager, Muthu, for the rest of the week. To begin with we scheduled a trek for the next day.

Glen View is actually located within the National Park and is surrounded by bamboo forests, mountains, and animals. While we were eating supper the first night someone told us there were elephants walking by. And sure enough there was a family of elephants walking right past the entrance to Glenn View. We were probably 200 yards from them. Unfortunately we did not have our cameras with us.

The next morning we woke up at 5:30, ate breakfast and headed out for our first trek in the Nilgiri Hills. There were two types of treks, up into the mountains or down around the plains. This morning we were headed up. The whole area is covered with bamboo forests, which provide a light and airy type of forest. The bamboo provides plenty of shade from the sun while at the same time being light enough that there is a lot more light around than I would normally associated with a forest. We did see some animals that first day, including a sloth bear, which looked to me a lot like a black bear but with a weird fringe thing around its head. We only caught a very quick glimpse of the bear as it dashed from the cover of one bush to another. We did not however see anymore elephants.

The views from the those hills was simply amazing, even though we ascended slowly and not too high along the paths. There are plenty of pictures of the hills and mountains and forests that I will post.

Returning from our hike around 9am, Vanessa thought it would be a good idea to go for a run along the path leading up to Glen View. It was a good idea, but what with the altitude, the heat, and my being sadly out of shape it didn’t exactly turn out as planned.

The temperature up here was actually close to perfect. That first day the sun was very hot, but there was no humidity and if you sat in the shade it was brilliant. After the first day it was always just a bit cooler, but warm enough that you were completely comfortable in shorts. I had been a little worried since the websites about Ooty had told me lows in the 50s, but we were a little lower than Ooty and therefore also a little warmer.

The next day we went on the valley trek. This time we saw a peacock, spotted dear, samba dear, lots of brids, and also fresh tracks. We saw tracks from elephants, tigers, panthers, dear, and bison. We also saw a few spots where they left behind more than tracks. The area looked like somebody’s back yard. It was covered in green grass that was surprising low. In fact it really looked like somebody was keeping the place mowed. I can only assume that grazing animals is what kept the grass from growing too much. This low cut grass was interrupted everywhere by tufts of bushes and small forests especially along the stream banks and watering holes.