Interesting (albeit not important) Theological Question

Recently I heard someone who thought that we would literally be wearing white robes in heaven. Although I hadnt’ actually thought it thorugh before if I had I would have assumed the reference to white robs was symbolic in revelation and we will probably be like Adam and Eve were in the graden.

One thought on “Interesting (albeit not important) Theological Question

  1. Matthew I am sure you are aware of Amanda’s four year old opinion of your earthky path of heaven. She was willing to go along with the idea of special heaven dresses for everyone but that thing with lying in a box in the front of the church, nope not Matthew. He wouldn’t ever be able to hold that still!

    As for heavenly attire, I can only picture robes of some kind. Not knowing what a glorified body looks like I like the idea of THIS body being covered up…well!

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