Lake Tanganyika

NOTE: Please be careful what you say to other people. I don’t want people to get the impression that I am spending mission time and money snorkeling in Lake Tanganyika. We are only here because we couldn’t get the visa for Congo and we are spending our own money.

I love Africa. At least the southern part of Africa that we are in now.
But Zambia and the Congo are both in high altittude so that the weather is always cool at least compared to India.
Right now it is also the beginning of winter, since we are in the southern hemisphere. The weather here is comparable to late september in the US. Warm and sunny during the day ( around 70 ) and cool and windy at night ( lows around 50 ). As far as I’m concerned its the perfect weather.Vanessa and I were supposed to be in the Congo for two weeks, but we were unable to get our Congo visa. That is a long story. So we are stuck here in Zambia. So we drove up to Lake Tanganyika. We don’t really have the money for it but I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity. Also the owners of the Lodge here emailed us a really good offer when we inquired because it is the off season.Here is a map of where we are:,30.4465055,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0x3262113e7860356f?hl=enHere is the website:

Lake Tanganyika is super famous for its colorful fish. Most of the fresh water fish that people buy for their aquariums come from here.

We only just arrived yesterday evening so we haven’t had time to snorkel or really do anything yet. Right now it is 5:30am so we will get to a lot of those activities later.

The drive here was torture. If you look at the map of Zambia you will see that Lake Tanganyika is in the far north east. Zambia only barely touches the southern tip of the lake. There is a main road going from Lusaka to the Tanzania border called T2 or the Great Norhtern Road @ Mpika M1 splits from T2 and heads north towards Kasama. Both of these roads are paved and very nice you can cruise along them pretty quickly. At Kasama however we had to take M3 to D20 to Mporokoso. This road is under construction most of the way so we had to drive along the side on the dirt. But the really terrible road was after this from Mporokoso straight north to Ndole Bay. In parts this was a path barely suitable for dirt bikes. It took us four hours and we were very stiff and sore from all the bumbing.

Along the way villagers were always signalling asking for rides. We had a Nissan Hardbody truck with 4 wheel drive, so they could jump in the back no problem. I don’t mind giving them a lift. But I’m not an experience off road driver and I didn’t want to be responsible for them falling out. So mostly I didn’t stop.

Despite the extreme drive it was well worth the effort. Even just the dinner last night was worth the effort. They had sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables, garlic bread, roasted chicken and gravy. It was all soo good. Especially after our day of driving we hadn’t planned for that drive to take so long and didn’t have food with us in the car so we were pretty hungry.

As I mentioned we arrived here around 4pm. Which was too late to go swimming that day. They don’t want you swimming before 8am or after 4pm because that is when the Hippos sometimes cross the bay.

On our way up here we stopped at Kundalila Falls, and Kapishya Hot Springs. This is why it took us three days of driving instead of two.

Kundalila Falls:

Kapishya Hot Springs:

I’ll try to send pictures later.