Light for the Day – I John 3:5

“And you know that He appeared in order to take away the sins, and fake oakleys there is no sin in Him.”

This passage is one of the most succinct and yet profound summaries of the bible. It starts with faith “You know” that phrase does not just refer to the knowledge that even the devil has about God. After all, John is writing to a group of believers. Faith is not just knowledge but it is that. It is a sure certainty – a real knowledge in the head and in the heart. We cannot see Christ. We didn’t see God create the world. We didn’t stand on the shores of Galilee, witnessing His miracles, wondering at His words but State we know. More than that, we know for sure. In this world, there are a lot of relatives. If wholesale jerseys the packers win the super bowl next week we can say that they are the best football team in America. But then the season is over. We can’t make that claim Cheap Jerseys definitively for very long. A man and a woman stand up to be married – to swear their undying love to each other. Two years later they’re divorced. Broken apart by sin. Nothing in this world is 100 percent true. We can’t know anything for sure. So called cheap oakleys “facts” of science are being disproved constantly. Can we really ever know anything? John says YES! We KNOW that He – that is our Savior Jesus – appeared. That word in the Greek hockey jerseys means to make known, to make manifest, its the word used to describe Christ coming into this world. It is His birth and His epiphany. He was made manifest – God became a man – then cheap jerseys from china throughout His earthly life and since He has been making Himself known to all people – shining a light on our darkness. We know it. His light has come to us. And what is that light? John explains hockey jerseysUs “In order to take away our sins.” That was the whole purpose of His manifestation – the whole purpose of His life.  It is the light which splits apart our the midnight blackness of our sin. A perfect lamb. Spotless. Holy. For, as John cheap jerseys also explains – He never sinned. But ray bans sale He did die. How could that be? Romans says “the wages of sin is death.” God pronounced death as the punishment on Adam and Fire Eve because of their sin. Sin causes death – but Christ did not sin. How could He die? He should have lived forever. But on that day of the custom jerseys vengeance of our God Christ was not sinless. The perfect oakley outlet lamb was no longer white. On Him had been dumped all the blemishes of the world. Are the black filthiness of our sins. Truly, He was wounded for our transgressions. He paid for our sins when He had none. Notice now the tense that John uses. There IS no sin in Him. For that one day there was – all our sin weighed down upon Him with all the heaviness of God’s anger. No longer. For Christ does not still need to carry our cheap jerseys from china sins. When He said – “It is finished” He meant it! Sorry Catholics, but you are wrong about this Cheap NFL Jerseys one. Hebrews is very emphatic on the point as well, He died once – and that was enough. One day of vengeance to bring us to God. And we know it. Fo Sho. One more important point in this passage i think. You might have wondered about my translation “the sins” but that is literally what the Greek has. There is an article there – the sins – not just sins. Sometimes in Greek the article can be used as a personal pronoun if there is something to refer back to. For instance “our sins” but here i don’t believe this is the cheap oakley sunglasses case – for there is nothing for it to be referring to. The Holy Spirit could have just said “sins” and left the article out. But he didn’t and i think there is a very specific reason. It was not an un-definite amount of sins. It was all of them. And so God here is looking at the whole lump of the sins of the world together. “The sins.” oakleys outlet All of them. In one day. He killed a lot of birds with one stone that day. Three days later He brought a lot of Saint-Laurent-du-Var dead, <a href="" ray ban outlet target=”_blank”>Cheap mlb Jerseys silly ray ban outlet doves (as Hosea calls us) to life. And we know it. Fo Sho.

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