Light for the Way – Ephesians 5:25-27

Husbands love your wives just as Christ also has loved the Church and has given Himself up for her sake so that He might sanctify her having cleansed her by the washing of water in the Word so that He might present the Church to Himself in glory not not having any spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that she should be holy and blameless.


It’s interesting that I came across this text so recently after going to a wedding. It’s a text that is often used at weddings and for obvious reasons. But when you look at this text, what is your focus? What are you drawn to? I bet that the great majority of sermons <a href="" Wholesale China Jerseys target=”_blank”>Wholesale Jerseys or addresses spoken at weddings on this text completely By miss the point. It is very easy to take the main point of this passage as WWJD. What would Jesus do in your marriage? Of Multiple course that is included here but man that is soooo not the heart of this passage. Whether you are newly weds, soon to be wed, wed for many years or not even close this passage has a very important message for you – Marriage was created to remind us of what Christ did for us. Plain and simple. The gospel. That is the main point of this passage, that is the fake oakleys main point of marriage. There are many other blessings given to us in marriage – companionship, intimacy, children, the relationship of leading and loving and selfless sacrifice but the greatest is this – that we remember Christ. How?


1. Because He makes it possible. I remember my brother wholesale jerseys Matt’s sermon at my brother Michael’s wedding last year. This was basically his theme “You don’t deserve to get married…nevertheless” It was all about God’s anyway love oakley outlet for us and one of the blessings given cheap oakleys to us because of that love is marriage. Because we However have Cheap china Jerseys been sanctified by the washing of water in the word – we can marry and trust God to bless it.


2. It is Cheap Jerseys not about our love but Christ’s. In your marriage or in ray bans sale any relationship, their will always be a temptation to put your love first, to think of the selfless love you have for one another as the important part of your marriage – wrong – It’s all about Christ’s love – love your wives as Christ has loved the church and has given Himself up for her. That is your goal and your model yes but most of all it is your strength, your comfort, your hope for all the times that you have failed and will again – you are washed in the water. So girls, when you see your husband stepping up and <a jordan sale href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap ray bans loving you the way Christ meant Him to think of Jesus and how much more He loved His church, how much He did to make us His own even giving Himself up for us and when he fails to live up to that love, both of you think of Jesus and how He still loves, still forgives, always.


3. The wife is a picture of the church. There is a reason why the gown is white. It is meant to symbolize purity. Now you can easily put the focus in the wrong place here and see the importance here simply as looking good or worse that the important thing is that this woman can oakley outlet marry because she hasn’t had sex outside of marriage, because she has kept cheap oakleys sunglasses herself pure. Wrong on both counts. Lord be praised if He has kept her (and or the man too) from fornication but neither of them are anything resembling pure in themselves! Lustful thoughts and deeds have definitely filled their lives even if they have not had sex no bride deserves to wear white we are all like filthy rags! But Jesus provides a very potent bleach. He has cleansed Her – the church – by the washing of water in His Word – baptism, being reborn through the word of the gospel – being sanctified in Christ by His blood, these are the things that bought back the church these are the things that  make each believing bride pure and white in His presence. Behold a host in arrayed in white… That is us – His bride whom He loved so much, even when we had left Him our first oakley outlet love, slapped Him in the face and gone whoring after all the gods of this world – He bought hockey jerseys us back. He made us His own. This is what we should be thinking when we see a bride walking down the aisle or when a wife loves as Christ intended and especially when she doesn’t – we are all pure white in Him. We are all cleansed. cheap oakleys Who ever knew that blood was such a good bleach?


This is the point of marriage. This is the point of this passage. Not what would Jesus do (that is incidental) but NBA Jerseys Cheap what DID cheap nfl jerseys Jesus do. He made us His own. 4th He cleansed us by the pain and suffering He experienced in our place. He gives us new life in His Spirit, through His Word, through Baptism, through the Lord’s Supper. He gives each marriage as a wonderful gift, a blessed reminder of His grace so that He might present us to Himself holy and spotless – pure white.

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