More new Models

okay so probably I will get sick of writing these little burbs every time i have new models to put up, especially since the picture i just added and will end up below are already outdated, but its alright for the moment at least i am writing to let you know that i added three new images to my 3-d gallery, they are new renders of my motorcycle that I’ve been working on lately. this model has a few issues with how it rendered the glass of the windshield and the mirrors are all wrong but like I’ve said I’ve already made some major modifications especially to the hood and windshield, hopefully I’ll be content enough with it to render some new pictures and post them some time this week.


As long as I’m talking about 3-d modeling, We have started some new stuff in class today, and that is living creatures right now we are working on Dogs, which actually in comparison to the car and motorbike is surprisingly easy to create, i will probably have some renders of it up end of this week or early next.

Another bit of pretty exciting new, at least for me, is that my 3d teacher (Jian Lou), the other two students in my 3d class, and I are going to submit a 5 min video to a world wide conference. Jian thinks that we will at least place, and based off what was submitted last year it is very probable, If we do place we will get to go to New Orleans for about two weeks to actually attend the conference, and the best part is that most likely we are going to get a research grant from the school for this project, which will mean that if we go to New Orleans we won’t be paying anything for it!