At least partially because of the complete failure of our run the previous day, but also because of our inability to deal sufficiently with toothpaste, we decided to spend the rest of the day in town. Upon returning from our valley hike around 9am I talked to Muthu about calling a taxi to take us into Ooty.

Concerning Toothpaste. Because we had talked about it both Vanessa and I had assumed the other was bringing toothpaste. With the very limited room in our backpacks we therefore also both decided not to bring it. Or at least we both thought we had both not brought it. It was to turn out when we returned from Ooty after buying toothpaste that Vanessa had in fact brought some. Anyway back to the main event.

I wasn’t really sure what exactly we were going to see in Ooty but I thought we could drive around and find something there worth a couple hours amusement. The Nilgiri Hills are also well known both for tea and coffee plantations so I thought perhaps we could tour some of these. Also we had seen a ton of signs for Dominos Pizza on our previous drive through Ooty, so at the very least we were looking forward to some pizza.

As it turned out we found a lake with paddle boats. But Vanessa and I were already burning some from hiking and what not in the sun. We had no sun screen so we figured it was at least necessary to wear hats. Our choices however were very limited. Hence the reason you will find pictures of Vanessa in an old fashion flower hat and I in a much too small way too fake cowboy hat paddling around a lake. After the lake we stopped at the botanical gardens, which were far cleaner than I expected and quite pleasant, especially once you got back into the gardens away from the front gates where all the crowds were. We were however constantly stopped and asked for photographs. Vanessa insists they wanted my photograph, but I never get asked that often when I am by myself.

For lunch we attempted to find Dominos but our driver had no idea what we were saying and we ended up at a Chinese place, which served us portions three times larger than we could possible eat.

It was on our way back to Glen View that it happened. We were innocently driving through Ooty when all of sudden there it was. DOMINOS! The driver was already passing it and I told him to stop right away. He was busy explaining to me he couldn’t park and I was busy telling him to go ahead down the street and find a place and we would catch up to him. At the same time in my eagerness I was opening the side door. We were pulled over close to the curb, but a motorbike decided to attempt to sneak past between us and the curb and hit the door I had standing open. Fortunately he was barely moving and there was no damage to the bike or the car or any people. We ordered the pizza, found our driver and successfully made it back to Glenn View with a pizza for supper.