Overlooked, Not Forgotten

Friday, August 3rd

Here is a random list of miscellaneous items not mentioned in previous posts. I could go back and insert them where they belonged, but like the very last packing, it is easier to throw them all into one box than find and open the appropriate boxes. Besides, who is going to re-read all the posts to even know the items have been inserted? Not you, of course not. 

The three year old who ran up onto the stage with the musicians and was invited to stay. Perched on a high stool next to the man playing the snare drum he wiggled and waggled to the beat with a pleased grin on his face.

The dress-up shop in the Avonlea village. Visitors could dress in period costumes and take all the pictures they wished. Unfortunately it was closed for cleaning.

Me winning my one allotted game of Thirteen and one of Bananagrams and losing all the others.

Joey getting the message he made the U-11 tournament baseball team for next year.

The neighbor men drinking beer on the top of cliff while their wives played with the kids on the beach. “Hey,” they called to Jason as he went to the beach with Mandy and the kids, “you’re making us look bad!”

The frosty glare of the store clerk when Mandy asked for sliced cheese. They ONLY sell it in blocks.

PEI is also known as ‘Spud Island’, affectionately… by natives.

It didn’t cost us anything to cross the Confederation Bridge. It will cost $44.00 to cross it a second time.

The starfish symbol on the road signs designate the Points East Coastal Drive, NOT watch out for starfish crossing on the road….Mandy.

One gallon equals 3.785… liters. At $1.19/liter for gas that’s also a good quantity of American money left in Canada!

It is more fun to dig for clams on the beach than it is too, clean, steam, shuck and eat the little meat you finally get.

The narrow, uneven, hilly and twisting island roads can make even the driver carsick, though the kids didn’t seem to mind at all.

The island enforces a strict garbage system- compost, recycling and waste bins are everywhere, beach, restaurant and house.

There are fewer gulls on the beach than in the parking lots in Milwaukee.

I have about $9.00 in Canadian money to spend before we leave. I will probably load up on Island potatoes. That is the best way to share a taste of the island. Bringing shellfish would not be advised.

Even the smallest yards on the island sport spectacular flower gardens and wildflowers grow along all the roadways.

The signs warn the motorist of danger from moose. We have yet to see one.

Out of the 60 plus light houses on PEI we have seen only 6.