Rabbit Bashing

Rabbit Bashing – by this I means bashing evangelicals, who of course for the most part follow Rick Warren like wounded pups. Or if they aren’t Warren fanatics they are even worse being extreme liberals.

Now I’m starting to think that this blog is turning into exactly that a constant Rabbit Bashing. And the post I am going to put up next is definitely not going to help reduce that impression. So I just want to quick say why I’m doing this.

In a nut shell, you know you can’t hardly walk out of you house without practically running over an evangelical they are everywhere. And so I want to share this stuff with you in the hopes that you can use it, whenever you get into a discussion with one. And secondly I know there are many who are very tempted by Evangelicalism so I’m also hoping it will be good fuel for helping people to understand the very real dangers of Evangelicalism before they get in to it. So here is my anti evangelical slogan, “Just say no.” Oh wait that ones already taken, ummm how about this:

Your Soul
Your Soul
You Soul on Evangelicalism
You Soul on Evangelicalism

crap also taken

“I’m not the Samaritan.”

“God’s WORD is Truth”

“Christ FOR Me”

“I’m sending out an S.O.S to the Lord.”

“Be cool, SundaySchool.”

“I prefer a cult, to a heap of salt.”

“Did God really say, to come out and play?”

There are a few others I thought of I’m not sure I should repeat, but if you guys have good ideas post a comment below.

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