Refrigerator Mashed Potatoes

5 lbs potatoes, peeled and quartered, boil till fork tender drain Mash until smooth with potato masher, add: 6 oz cream cheese 1 cup dairy sour cream 2 tlbsp butter salt-pepper to taste Mash all until fluffy. Refrigerate up to […]

Jess Ude’s Potato Salad

Jess got rave reviews with this recipe. Not easy to do with the Ude crew when it comes to potato salad. 4 cups red potatoes boiled, peeled and cubed. Toss with: 7 strips of bacon, fried and chopped 2 T […]

Creamy Scalloped Potatoes Crockpot

Scalloped potatoes were a standard as I was growing up. Sometimes Mom layered them with ham as well as corn, sometimes she put hot dogs on top and broiled them at the end of the cooking time. Trying to write […]

Great American Chowder

Laura requested the Corn Chowder recipe. I don’t use a recipe for that, I just make it. This however is essentially the same, depending on the vegetables that you choose to put in and the meat. For Corn Chowder I […]

Spicy Sausage Kabobs

This new favorite came from some time spent browsing on If you can’t find what you want here on Moldaty, even heirloom recipes can be found there. ¬†I have changed up the items I add to the kabobs. I […]