The Dirt Shirt

Monday July 30th

 “If once you have slept on an island

You’ll never quite be the same;

You may look as you looked the day before

And go by the same old name…


Oh, you won’t know why, and you can’t say how

Such a change upon you came,

But – once you’ve slept on an island

You’ll never quite be the same.” Rachel Field

I have slept on an island before in my life and I haven’t noticed a difference, but I think now that I have the red sand of PEI between my toes I might. PEI dirt is red, very red, and clings, not only between your toes; it clings to everything. In fact PEI dirt is so red and so clinging that an enterprising veterinary college student perfected a dying process using the PEI red dirt as the dye. The shirts and other products, beach bags, golf towels etc come with a genuine bag of PEI red dirt. Now that is a souvenir worth purchasing. I intend to look for it. Maybe I should suggest it to the little girl on the beach with nothing on but a sun hat!