This Time the Sequel

The announcement after chapel was delivered by Prof. Sullivan. With a wag of a finger he declared that ‘car surfing’ was not allowed on campus. Twice in several days the  rule had been fractured. On Friday, he said, by a non-student and the following day by a student. Behind me, an adult visitor commented with a little bit of wonder, “they need to be told that?” I refrained from uttering the two thoughts that occurred to me. “You must not have sons.” and  “at least the guilty boys aren’t mine.”  The incident happened shortly after the racing moped episode and I was feeling a little smug.  Jesse had been picked up Friday afternoon by a Guard buddy for weekend duty on one of the days in question. A non-student? I dismissed the nagging possibility. It just didn’t fit.

Later that week in casual conversation I mentioned the announcement as Jesse and I were heading out to shop at Sam’s. You know that little space of silence, the one that tells you you’re about to hear something you’d maybe rather not? In that space Jesse cleared his throat. Sullivan had his days wrong, the non-student incident happened on  Thursday, Jesse was driving out when a non-student friend hitched a ride to the A/C….

Smart, smug remarks from a mother of boys are not a wise idea. Words may often need to be eaten.