Weather Report

Wednesday August 1

Cloudy, windy, rain off and on, white caps on the waves and a host of dead crabs left on the beach, movies, books, walks on the sandbars between rain showers, locking the back door against the wind, gas fireplace burning, card games, and banana grams, that was today…until supper.

Supper was the excitement, supper was a seafood boil. Mussels, oysters, and lobster fresh from the seafood place at Victoria by the Sea ten miles down the coast. The kids squealed over the live lobsters, Emma named them. Mandy and I boiled new, island grown potatoes, melted butter and cut lemon wedges for the seafood. Jason gave us all a lesson in how to crack and eat lobster. We did well until we twisted off the tail section and the green goo of the liver grinned up at us. Mandy and I most of the kids were full anyway. Emma and Jason kept eating. We have plenty of lobster meat left over for the lobster salad sandwiches for tomorrow night.

The sun peeked out for a few minutes and the neighbors sent the kids outside. Jason saw them doing laps around the house. Mandy just saw the little 3 year old who happens to be wearing a dress today. Tomorrow is our visit to Anne’s house near Cavendish on the North Shore of the island. Jason and the boys are going to golf while we roam Avonlea. The weather reports are for sun and 80 degrees. We will not forget our wallets.