wiating for a render

well since I’m sitting at school more or less doing nothing i thought i should write something new on here since its been several weeks since the last time i even looked at this site… due mostly to the over whelming amount of projects and work I’ve been attempting to accomplish recently. if your interested my second greatest accomplish this semester is my rendered graphics website. which as i told laura.. my teacher freaked out upon seeing… well freaked out might be an over statement but she was deffinatly impressed, of course one should take account of the fact that most of that most of the rest of the class, this class was the first real experience with html and css web coding, so they were struggling valiantly simply to make a web site that worked in the time they had. However due to my personal studies greatly aided by matt and jason allowed me to spent most of my time design rather then writing pages with tables. the original point was that my rendered graphics site is located at renderedgraphics.com if you want to check it out.

However my greatest accomplishment this semester is by largest annoyance at the moment since I’ve practically been living at school this weekend watching as the fastest computer I’ve ever worked on slowly pixel by pixel builds the my animation frame by frame. however i’m confidant that when it finishes it will be worth the slow pain its putting me though at the moment. Pain because i hate sitting around waiting with nothing to do… i really hate it and at the moment that is exactly what i’m doing