One of the great things about Glen View is that it’s right in the Blue Mountains, so you don’t have to go far to find wildlife (or cool plants). But, my first experience with Indian wildlife actually happened on the drive there. We stopped on a bridge with a group of monkeys sitting on the railing. Our driver thought we would want to take pictures, so he stopped and we got out of the car to take some pictures and walk around for a little bit. Of course, the monkeys were just waiting for people to give them food. They would follow any new cars that stopped along the bridge and sit there, hoping for an easy snack. As we were getting back in to the car, one of the monkeys quick jumped into the car and stole my six-inch sub that I’d been saving for breakfast! The biologist in me was shocked that these monkeys were so used to people (problem animal!), but mostly, I just found it hilarious.











You can go a few different treks in Glen View, either going up into the mountains or down into the flatlands. The first day was just a short hike through the forest. Our guide, Massie, was really friendly and always pointing stuff out to us. He showed us elephant and bison tracks, and answered my annoying questions about bird calls and plants. There were some amazing views along the way.


I was being the ultimate biology nerd and taking pictures of everything, asking Massie what things were, and basically geeking out. Everything is cooler as soon as you’re in a different country.



Wisconsin: deer India: DEER!!

(*actual reaction to seeing spotted deer)


Of course, here when you hike in the forest you don’t just run across deer tracks, you might find an elephant bone.











And termite hills…


Or a bear track…


The second day, we went into the flatlands and saw rabbits, samba deer, and a peacock. The highlight was definitely the tiger tracks we saw towards the beginning of the trek. The animals that we actually saw usually didn’t stick around long enough for me to snap a picture with my camera, so sorry for the lack of pictures on those.











Here’s an idea of what we were hiking through.


Of course, I also had interactions with animals back at Glenview, too. There was the strange unknown thing crawling around in my ceiling. My favorite was a dog that just wandered around the cabins, and sometimes it would nap on Matt’s porch. But the worst was started one night after a relaxing meal outside. I leaned back to look up at the ceiling and noticed several HUGE spiders. (There are very few things that scare me more than spiders, so I was sufficiently freaked out for the night. Of course the first thing I see when I walked into Matt’s cabin after that was…..a spider. It was a decently sized one, too, so I made Matt kill it. But THEN a few seconds later, I glanced at the wall and I saw this:



And completely lost it.

(Matt killed that one, too.)


And of course later that night, guess what I found crawling on my head?